Part 2 - And the Community Is The Vehicle: Dolores' Adventures With Social Media


My family is important. My friends are important. You are important. Let’s bump into each other often. Let’s call this “propinquity”.

I was a skeptic when it comes to social media. But, as the creator of an interior design firm called Spaces Custom Interiors which specializes in “sensuous spaces” I wanted to find like-minded people who would embrace the concept for residential, commercial and specialty environments.

Throughout my business career, I’ve found that my best friendships and clients have come from bumping into them through a common cause or through enjoyable activities. So I know that relationships matter. I have extensive experience building great volunteer, professional and community committees. Creating a viable tribe and an army to accomplish a focused objective is a wonderful thing.

So building a following on the web seemed to be a natural extension of what I do in my physical life. In other words, building a virtual tribe that reflects my physical community. It’s all about relationships. Relationships matter. The relationship is the message. And the relationship is the vehicle.

Sure, I dabbled a little with Facebook, opened a Twitter account, but never saw the potential as a business development vehicle. And what are my observations and experiences from my reading and day to day use of social media? Physical distance is still a powerful predictor of contact, interaction, friendship and influence. Initiating, building relationships and keeping in touch is the very essence of propinquity. Social media makes it easier to “bump” into each other often virtually.

Twitter for example has been the start of some great personal and business relationships with people and suppliers that I might never have bumped into during my rich, hectic life. Now I blog, tweet and Facebook to my hearts content. I’m not everywhere, but, I am social.

And, I’m enjoying being social.

So what does that have to do with Spaces Custom Interiors? Everything! The designs that I create and the Clients that work with me are relationship oriented. The better our relationship, the better our collaboration.

And, the better our collaboration, the more sensuous and fulfilling the design. Which makes my clients and me very happy.

Dolores is an Interior Designer located in Toronto, Cananda. She loves creating unique WOW spaces for living, working and playing. Drop her an e-mail to say hello and let her know what you thought of this blog post.