Busy Professor Office Suite - Office Renovation - toronto

Jean Paul is an innovative guy, so much so, that he was the Professor of Social Innovation at a major university.  A busy guy who’s a transformative leader and champion of  experimental learning.  (He is now Dean at another major university.)

 He wanted a modern, fresh look for his new office.  More suitable for his new role.

The space was small, 14’ 9” x 9’6” with many structural bumps and a convector.  It had to fulfill many functions and many personal requests.  He wanted to work whilst sitting and standing, meet with staff members, a white board, guest seating, storage, display and a spot for his espresso machine.  Innovation requires a sophisticated work space.

What interior design ideas could Dolores come up with to manage all of these requirements?

Every square inch was thought through.  Desk for sitting, a tall bar height table for stand-up work and meeting with staff who perch on sleek modernist stools and a glass white board for brainstorming.   Combined storage unit providing guest seating in front of his desk.  Space atop of the convector for a printer and reference materials.  Storage column for papers and essential items.  A floating shelf unit for his treasured sentimental items.  And, a trolley for his beloved espresso machine.

Fulfilling all functions whilst looking light, modern and fresh.

It was a popular spot for meeting and hanging out.  After leaving, a bidding war occurred for the possession of this valuable office.

Jeremy Richardson