York Masonic Temple Banquet Hall Renovations- Toronto

York Masonic Temple, located in Toronto, was stuck in faux Greek 1980’s decor. It was definitely time for a refresh.  The Masons wanted to make their facility easier to rent in order to maximize on revenue for their banquet spaces.

Dolores not only brought the space into the 21st century through classic interior design styling, she wanted to give it a bit of panache. Using deep rich blues in contrast with cherry wood paneling and highlights of pearlized linen tones.

 Upon entering you see a velvet settee surrounded by a collection of original paintings.  A popular backdrop for wedding photos and selfies.  The carpet is custom designed with a swirling pattern to disguise spills and manufactured in easy to clean nylon.

The bar acts as the main focus for the lounge space.  Floating shelves are painted a very dark navy polo blue, and LED light strips are installed on the back of the vertical spines. While the LED lights are white, the reflection off the dark blue panel makes the lighting look ethereal, making it dramatic and sensual.  This is the WOW factor that Dolores planning for.

 This is now a popular spot for weddings and all other special occasions. 

The Masons are happy that the revenue exceeds their original expectations. Making this a worthwhile investment.

Proving that well thought-out, beautiful interior design can increase revenue and make people happy.

Jeremy Richardson