Lower Level (Basement) - Renovation - toronto

Lower Level - aka the Basement - Not The Dungeons They Used To Be

In downtown Toronto, homeowners scavenge space wherever they can.  Storage is essential to an organized household.

This young family had a host of requirements that required some creative interior design thinking ‘inside the box’ called the basement.  A place to learn, grow, play, work, be entertained and accomodate grandma and gradpa for holiday visits.

The renovation was considered an investment in the quality of their lives and sanity.  Lots and lots of storage was required. A custom solution for a busy people that like to keep things neat and tidy.  Everything in it's place, and a place for everything.

That’s why Dolores names basements the ‘Lower Level’. Basements are not the ‘base’ of the house but rather another level for living, that happens to be below the ground line. 

With a shift in naming this space comes a shift in thinking about the space and its functions. And, with a shift in thinking comes more enjoyment and use of the ‘Lower Level’.

Published in OUR Homes & Zoomer Magazines

Jeremy Richardson