Outdated Kitchen Refreshed - Renovation - Toronto

Christopher, a single professional bought a house and wanted to re-invent himself through the renovation of his new home.

Each Client is unique and so are their interior design solutions. 

Upon entering – you can see that the focus is the Kitchen. It’s also a major thoroughfare to the den and backyard pool.  Although narrow, every nook and cranny has been used to perform a function.  Yet, still feels spacious.

The small entry was reconfigured for easier access to the kitchen and take advantage of the nine foot ceiling.  The entry closet is made in the same cabinetry style as the kitchen, it contains a boot drawer, room for coats and room atop for luggage.

Custom cabinets echo the Dining Room’s wainscoting. Uppers, rise well above the counter to the nine-foot ceiling.  A bistro style granite countertop, is used as an eating area for quick meals or a laptop computer. 

Crisp stainless steel appliances provide an efficient, modern touch.  Soft, buff paint colours act as a backdrop for hits of red. Special features include hiding the microwave oven, dishwasher as well as the telephone, wireless modem, a roll-out bar and custom stainless steel floating shelves.

Christopher’s home is now the new gathering space for family, friends and the neighborhood children, who frequently use the pool.

 Featured in HGTV's "Kitchen Equipped"

Jeremy Richardson